Marianne P. Schipper

Inspired by the planet's natural beauty.

We have been blessed with this beautiful planet and the wonderful natural life within it. As my life will not be long enough for me to appreciate all it has to offer us, I can only try to capture ‘moments’. Perhaps that’s what makes me a ‘realist’! Whilst I admire the abstract works of many talented contemporary artists, it seems I always come back to the wonders around me that I see through my own eyes.

My Art by Marianne

I paint my portraits from live models wherever possible. When painting a moving subject such as a child or an animal I may use several photographs as references to help me compose the final portrait.

For a time I was captivated by just working with watercolours, I now enjoy working with pastels, oils, inks as well as watercolours on canvas.

Explore my paintings

Here you can view some of my latest artwork.  I am currently accepting commissions, just call 07790 424691 or email today.